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          Chubb Easy Select
          Critical Illness Plus

          Provides a tailored critical illness coverage
          for 15 Years : 3 Core Critical Illnesses and
          3 Self-Selected Critical Illnesses.

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          In view of the latest development of the novel coronavirus, the Customer Services Counter at Chubb’s general insurance offices at Quarry Bay will be closed until further notice. Please call our hotline +852 3191 6222 if you have any enquiries. We regret that we can only provide customer services via our hotline at the moment and apologise for any delayed response during this period.

          Our services at Chubb Life Premier Customer Service Center and our Hotlines have been adjusted (Monday - Friday: 0900-1600 and Saturday: Closed), highly recommend that you can call our hotline for the latest update of our office hours before your visit. For enquiries on your policy, please login in to Chubb Life’s e-Service portal. For other enquiries, please email to, or call us at (+852) 2894 9833 to leave your message, and we will contact you shortly. For any payment, please make use of e-banking facilities and email your payment records to

          Have a peace of mind with TravelEase in your holiday?

          Enrol now to enjoy 30% off

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          Enhanced Protection for Novel Coronavirus Infection

          Putting our customer’s needs first is our top priority, responding to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Chubb Life has developed a series of enhanced protection measures and services. Together we can fight the virus!

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          EasyRetire Annuity Plan

          Equal premium for equal income regardless of gender.
          Start receiving monthly income between age 50 and 70 till age 100.

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          Chubb FlexiLiving Deferred Annuity Plan

          Greater flexibility in planning your monthly annuity income schedule, with tax deduction on premiums

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          Enjoy up to 10.5% Premium Offer with Chubb Platinum Plus Insurance Plan?

          You can enjoy up to 6% first-year premium, and up to an extra 4.5% second-year premium discount if you enroll in Easy Premium Saver at the same time!

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          Embrace Care Critical Illness Protector – Enjoy up to 10% Premium Discount!

          You can enjoy up to 5% first-year premium, and up to an extra 5% second-year premium discount if you enroll in Forever Diamond Plan at the same time!

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          VHIS Series

          Government-certified medical reimbursement plans offering various levels of cover to meet your budget and needs, with guaranteed renewal and tax deduction.

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          Chubb Platinum Plus Insurance Plan®

          Now with the new feature of changing the insured unlimited times up to the age of 120 of the new insured, you can pass on the wealth built and sustained in this plan to future generations of your family with greater ease, while ensuring your loved ones are protected.

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          Embrace Care
          Critical Illness Protector

          This plan provides comprehensive protection against critical illness as well as features benefiting you and your family.

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          Medical Malpractice Insurance

          Now more than ever, doctors and medical institutions are held to higher accountability, pressure, and at times even unfair allegations. To protect your noble reputation, Chubb has a suite of bespoke solutions to protect you and your establishment from the stress of litigation.


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          Personal Holiday Travel Insurance

          Whether you are globetrotting for months or just having a quick getaway, Chubb has the plan that’s right for you. After all, travel inconveniences shouldn’t be at the top of your to-do list. So plan a better holiday for yourself – and leave the hassle to us.

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          Travel Response for Coronavirus

          Chubb will assess all claims in accordance with the facts of each case, the Policy Wordings and any applicable Certificate of Insurance. Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your individual circumstances.

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          Quick links

          Premium Levy and FAQs

          Information on the collection of premium levy for the Insurance Authority.

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          Regulatory Disclosure – Dividend/Bonus

          Dividend/Bonus Philosophy, Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy, and Historical Fulfillment Ratios.

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          Regulatory Disclosure – Crediting Interest

          Crediting Interest Rate Philosophy, Investment Philosophy, Policy and Strategy, and Historical Crediting Interest Rates.

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          Policy Terminology Mapping Table

          New terminologies applicable to your policy(ies) under new regulatory requirements.

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          Prices of Investment Options

          Check the latest prices of investment options (for investment-linked assurance schemes).

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          Login for Chubb Life's Customers

          The new Chubb Life’s e-Service portal is launched! The newly designed portal makes your navigation quickly and easily. It supports different devices that you can manage your policies anytime anywhere.

          About Chubb

          Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. With operations in 54 countries and territories, Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients.