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          Chubb Cyber

          Data breaches, electronic theft and vandalism, denial of service attacks and even copyright infringement make protecting sensitive data an issue for every organization. Chubb’s customizable solutions offer the insurance protection you need.

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          Notice to the public

          We are pleased to inform you that we received final approval from the Comision Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas (CNSF) to merge ABA Seguros and Chubb de México, Compañía de Seguros into the license of ACE Seguros, S.A. in the understanding that the latter changes its name to Chubb Seguros México, S.A.

          6 Mega Trends for 2025 and Their Impact on Insurance

          Read Gabriel Lázaro´s, VP Digital, thoughts about the amazing challenges for the insurance industry.

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          Challenges for insurance underwriters in Latin America

          How to help guaranty the solvency and continuing ability of insurance companies to service their customers. 

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          Clients value our service

          "Chubb wrote insurance policies to cover our construction risks, damages to the network and environmental exposure. For a project this complex, Chubb was the one."
          Joaquín Coronado, Altán Redes director

          Feature Products & Services

          ABA product
          Protection of financial instruments

          Chubb develops specific products for its commercial partners as financial entities, in order to provide protection to its customers that are susceptible to robbery after cash withdrawal at ATMs or forced to make purchases.

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          ABA product
          Accidents and health

          Having an accident insurance gives the peace of mind of being protected, covering students in case of any risk situation at school and even people suffering from a disease such as cancer.

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          About Chubb

          Chubb is the biggest property and public liability insurer that trades on the stock exchange. With operations in 54 countries, Chubb offers commercial and personal property and public liability insurance, personal accident insurance and complementary medical insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a varied group of clients.