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           Business Insurance


          • Comprehensive insurance solutions for a complex industry—intensely competitive, highly regulated, and quickly evolving, broadcasters live in a world of wide-ranging risk. For more than two decades, Chubb has been helping them stay on the air.

          Industry Highlights

          Consider the financial impact on your organization if:

          • As an owner or operator of broadcasting and communications equipment, you face risk from damaged or lost equipment and the losses that can stem from that downtime.
          • A fire destroys an antenna and interrupts your broadcast.
          • An individual sues you for copyright infringement, alleging that your organization included her copyright-protected work in an advertising campaign.
          • A news broadcast inadvertently includes personal information about someone, who then sues you for invasion of privacy.

          With 25 year's experience insuring the broadcast and cable industry, Chubb offers a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art insurance solutions tailored to your unique risks. Maybe that’s why Chubb is endorsed by the Media Financial Management Association (MFM) as the preferred commercial insurer for its members.

          Manage Risks

          Sharing content via social media has added yet another complexity to the issue of copyrighted content and fair use. Before your organization uses other’s content — socially or otherwise — knowing the facts is key.

          Read Understanding Copyrights and Fair Use to learn more.

          Coverage Highlights

          • Coverage for variety of radio and television broadcasting property risks, including:
            • Building and contents
            • Business interruption
            • Crime
            • Media software
            • Mobile broadcasting equipment
            • Towers and antennas
          • Risks of direct physical loss coverage
          • Real property, personal property and liability exposure options
          • Admitted and non-admitted capability based upon account characteristics

          Target Client

          • TV and radio owners/operators with broadcasting equipment, including nonprofit organizations, network and independent commercial broadcasters, and colleges and universities
          • Network of three or more radio and/or TV broadcast locations
          • Telecommunication firms
          • Tower leasing firms
          • Broadband operations
          • Larger video and film risks

          Coverage Solutions

          Chubb Small Commercial Insurance

          The Chubb business owner’s policy (BOP) is designed specifically for small businesses by incorporating robust coverages for property and liability as well as over 50 optional coverages. In addition to the BOP, we also provide auto, workers compensation, specialty and umbrella products for a total account solution. The Chubb Small Commercial Insurance products will serve as the foundation for small radio and television broadcasting stations.