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           Business Insurance

          Clean Tech

          As the global population grows and energy demands increase, alternative energy and clean technology companies like yours are more important to the global economy. But is your company prepared for the risks that could keep you from succeeding tomorrow? 

          Early Stage Clean Tech Companies

          Your success requires balancing a passion for innovation with the need to protect your company’s future against the most critical risks.

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          Commercialized Clean Technology Companies

          Whether you’re shipping solar panel components manufactured in China to the United States, assembling power systems for hybrid vehicles, or producing renewable energy at multiple locations throughout the world, your global business requires global insurance solutions to protect your investments and your people.

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          Solve for Risks by Segment and Life Stage

          Our tool will help you review the issues and insurance solutions that relate to your industry segment and current life stage — and guide you toward addressing risks that could be on the horizon for your company.

          Industry Highlights

          Whether you’re deriving power from renewable energy sources, creating energy efficiency or addressing the scarcity of natural resources, Chubb is committed to helping businesses from all segments of clean technology succeed, including:

          • Renewable and alternative energy producers that generate power using solar, wind, hydro, biogas, biofuels, and geothermal resources.
          • Manufacturers and service providers, especially component parts manufacturers or distributors supporting clean technologies, renewable energy producers, and clean transportation.
          • Software and hardware companies, including energy efficiency and Smart Grid.
          • Emerging companies, including those in R&D with a focus on biorenewables.

          For more than three decades, Chubb has worked closely with alternative energy, technology, R&D and manufacturing companies throughout the world. Since 2012, Chubb has insured more than 50% of the U.S.-based Global Clean Tech 100, according to Cleantech Group. Chubb works with your agent or broker to apply our specialized, global perspective to your business risks.

          Cleantech's Global Balancing Act

          Cleantech companies are now players in the world's most important industries: energy, food, manufacturing, and transportation. Growing population demands sustainability. In this report, Chubb provides risk insights as Cleantech executives look to the future and share their priorities and identify challenges.

          Risk Engineering Services

          Our risk engineers take the time to learn your business and provide practical guidance, based on our energy, technology, and manufacturing expertise. Learn more.

          Insurance Options

          Insurance Solutions for Clean Technology

          What clean tech companies may need to protect their businesses vary depending on their stage of growth. Learn more here.

          Insurance Solutions for Clean Technology

          Other Resources

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          Confronting CleanTech’s IoT Vulnerabilities
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          Findings from our 2015 survey: What lies beneath Cleantech’s global plan?
          Get Ready, Get Set, Grow

          Global energy demand is expected to rise by nearly 65% over the next 20 years. Are you prepared?