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           Business Insurance

          Event Insurance

          • Protect your event from unpredictable misfortune with event insurance by Chubb, allowing you to worry less and enjoy more.
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          At Chubb, we understand the importance of protecting you and your event from the unexpected and that’s why we’ve partnered with Eventsured to offer special event insurance.  Purchasing event insurance is easier than ever with an online quoting and application process that allows you to purchase in minutes.  Input your event information into our event insurance quote calculator and see how we can protect your investment.

          Events require a great amount of time and money to cover every detail. Weddings, concerts, fairs, and other large events can take months or even years of planning and because of the multitude of problems that could pose a threat to your event’s success, you need an event insurance plan that will have your event liabilities covered.

           Accidents that lead to bodily injuries, venue damage, and even cancellations are only a few of the mishaps covered under our event insurance. Chubb knows that every type of event has different coverage needs.  Our wedding insurance covers losses pertaining to gifts and wedding attire while our DJ insurance will protect your equipment and damage it may cause to the event venue. Each event insurance policy has a coverage plan designed to protect you from the unexpected.

          We look for ways to say yes

          • Hundreds of event types covered. From trade shows to dog shows and concerts to rodeos we can cover just about anything.
          • Zero deductible. No fees or deductibles will be required from you in the event of a claim so that you are completely covered.
          • Quick and efficient claims process. Our claim specialists are ready to assist you in the event of a claim. Notify us immediately and a representative will be appointed and ready to serve you. 

          Let us raise your expectations

          Coverage Highlights:

          • Host liquor and retail liquor. We cover events that require host and/or retail liquor.
          • Property damage coverage.  We will cover the cost of damages to the venue or venue-owned property such as appliances during your event.
          • Bodily injury coverage. If a person were to be harmed or injured during your event, your policy would include coverage for medical and legal liability costs.
          • Advertising injury. Watch out for your event and your business with protection from libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and misappropriation of advertising ideas.
          • Additional insureds. We offer the ability to add unlimited additional insureds to your plan.  Make sure the right people are covered under your policy. 

          Additional coverage options that provide even more protection:

          • Cancellation coverage. Protect yourself from loss of deposits and fees by adding cancellation coverage to your policy.
          • Protect your wedding details. Our wedding insurance goes above and beyond to protect you on your big day.  Add on coverages for your wedding include reimbursement for wedding jewelry, clothing, gifts and rehearsal dinner liabilities.