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           Business Insurance

          Healthcare Information Technology

          Improving patient safety. Reducing costs. Driving innovation. These are important ways Healthcare Information Technology companies are transforming the delivery of healthcare.

          Medical Device / Pharmaceutical Industry Support

          Driving innovation is one of the ways healthcare information technology (HIT) companies are transforming the delivery of healthcare. Let us help transform your risk management program.

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          Patient Administration Solutions

          Your products and services are geared towards helping healthcare providers run their business, which means you are exposed to a myriad of risks that require innovative integrated solutions.

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          Patient Care Solutions

          Your products and services are geared towards patients at the point of care, which means you are exposed to myriad risks that require innovative, integrated solutions.

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          Insurance Highlights

          With more than 25 years insuring Life Sciences companies, 35 years insuring the Technology segment, and our global focus on the Healthcare industry, Chubb offers a wide spectrum of insurance solutions tailored to your unique risks.

          Our leadership is evident in Chubb’s products and services, and has earned us the endorsement of both the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA).

          Manage Risks

          Consider the financial impact on your organization if:

          • A network shutdown occurs at a hospital and critical data entered into your electronic health record system (EHR) is missing, causing treatment of a patient to be delayed and worsening her condition.
          • The security feature in your software fails to prevent unauthorized access to a hospital’s patient records.
          • A cyber attack on your network leads to the theft of personally identifiable information.
          • A trusted employee defrauded your company, and you discovered losses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

          Whether your organization needs solutions for patient care, patient administration, medical device/pharmaceutical industry support or some combination of them all, Chubb can provide products and services geared to your organization’s unique needs.