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           Business Insurance

          Law Firms

          • When it comes to risk, top law firms have something in common. They trust Chubb to help manage their risk.

          Industry Highlights

          In today’s complex legal environment, you need an insurer that understands the unique risks faced by law firms. For 95% of the 200 largest U.S. law firms (by revenue), that means choosing Chubb. In addition to a tailored suite of insurance products, we offer global reach, financial strength, loss prevention expertise, and claims service.

          Consider the risks you may face:

          • A client sues over an alleged error or omission, and defense expenses quickly near six-figure amounts.
          • A client leaving a cocktail reception hosted by your firm is involved in a car accident and files a lawsuit.
          • An employee sues you alleging harassment and age discrimination.
          • A fire damages the firm’s facilities and operations.
          • An employee is injured while traveling internationally on business.

          The American Bar Endowment (ABE), a non-profit affiliate of American Bar Association (ABA) has selected Chubb as the preferred provider of cyber liability, employment practices liability and kidnap and ransom insurance for ABA members.

          Learn more about Chubb’s Law Firms capabilities.

          Manage Risks

          • Today’s attorneys may still scribble notes on yellow pads, but most own and conduct business using smartphones, tablets or laptops. With these new technologies come new risks for law firms. Learn more.
          • Fraudsters can induce even the best-managed law firms to part with hundreds of  thousands of dollars or more by deceptively posing as a trusted vendor, new client or employee. Chubb’s Social Engineering Fraud Endorsement provides law firms with a way to manage this growing risk.

          Coverage Solutions

          Chubb Small Commercial Insurance

          The Chubb business owner’s policy (BOP) is designed specifically for small businesses by incorporating robust coverages for property and liability as well as over 50 optional coverages. In addition to the BOP, we also provide auto, workers compensation, specialty and umbrella products for a total account solution. The Chubb Small Commercial Insurance products will serve as the foundation for small law firms.