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           Business Insurance

          Management Liability

          Chubb’s suite of management liability insurance products is exclusively designed to protect your organization – giving you tailored insurance solutions backed by superior claim service and financial stability.


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          Transactional Risk

          Whether you are the buyer or the seller, every transaction, merger or acquisition exposes you to both known and unknown risks. This suite of coverage helps you prevent and mitigate losses due to transactions.

          Management Liability for Private/Not-For-Profit Organizations

          Privately held companies, regardless of size, are threatened by many of the same liability and criminal exposures that public companies face. Chubb’s suite of management liability products is exclusively designed to protect these organizations – giving you tailored insurance coverage backed by superior claim service and financial stability.

          Management Liability for Public Companies

          Today’s compliance and ethics standards challenge public companies to do the near-impossible—please all of their constituents, from shareholders to employees to the government. Chubb’s comprehensive coverage can help you mitigate risk and potential losses.

          Management Liability for Financial Institutions

          Financial Institutions can be affected by litigation against their management team, board of directors and company – a costly and constant distraction when conducting your business. Chubb’s management liability coverages are tailored to address your unique needs.


          Any company can be the victim of a workplace crime such as theft, forgery, property destruction or even cybercrime. To get comprehensive coverage tailored to fit your unique exposures, consider Chubb’s suite of coverage.

          Financial Institution Bonds

          Along with employee dishonesty schemes, Financial Institutions face increasingly complex computer, funds transfer, and social engineering frauds. Chubb’s suite of Financial Institution Bonds provides you with modernized integrated financial fidelity solutions for such risks.

          Kidnap/Ransom & Extortion

          The world is increasingly perilous. As your company expands internationally, you need flexible coverage that can be tailored to fit your unique mix of risks and exposures, including kidnapping, extortion and other threats against your property.

          Employment Practices Liability

          Employers face a rising tide of employment practices litigation alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other torts. That litigation can cost significant time, money, and energy – even if you win the case. With Chubb’s flexible coverage and expert loss control services, we can help mitigate the impact to your business.

          Fiduciary Liability

          Fiduciaries of all types of employee benefit plans are increasingly being held accountable for their actions in operating and administering these plans. Chubb’s comprehensive solution is designed specifically to help protect your fiduciaries and the benefits plans you manage. Click “See More” for information on what fiduciary liability insurance is and why it’s necessary, the types of products available, and other educational materials and claims scenarios.

          Management Liability Insights

          Our Management Liability leadership team provides insight on a wide range of risks in the industry. Read more on how to mitigate exposures and handle damage in mergers & acquisitions, kidnap/ransom, extortion and social engineering fraud.

          Chubb’s Preferred Securities Panel

          Select one of Chubb’s Preferred Securities Panel firms to defend your Securities Claim and receive a 25% reduction in your policy’s Securities Claim retention, up to a maximum of $500,000, when your policy contains Chubb’s Preferred Securities Panel endorsement. For accounts with an initial public offering, use of a Preferred Securities Panel firm to defend your Securities Claim is mandatory, and the Securities Claim retention reduction shall not apply.

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