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           Business Insurance

          Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Practice

          To help address the potential effects of both pre- and post-close risks, Chubb has a long history of providing a broad portfolio of sector-specific, value added solutions to private equity firms and the companies they invest in. Our agility, deep expertise and differentiated approach distinguish us from the rest of the industry.

          Global Casualty

          Global casualty products and services from Chubb, including financial solutions, captive strategies, workers compensation and more.

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          Commercial General Liability

          General liability insurance is an essential element of any comprehensive insurance program. It is the first line of defense against many common business liabilities. 

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          Environmental concerns are an important part of daily life and business today. From small businesses to multinational corporations, preserving nature and providing healthier spaces for living and working have become key societal goals.

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          Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability

          From auctioneers to architects, professional firms are constantly at risk of being sued over the services they perform. Even if the lawsuit is without merit, defense costs and the impact on your reputation can be costly. Chubb’s tailored solutions are designed to give you the protection you need.

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          Management Liability

          Chubb’s suite of management liability insurance products is exclusively designed to protect your organization – giving you tailored insurance solutions backed by superior claim service and financial stability.


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          Commercial, contract and international surety bond options from Chubb.

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          Umbrella Liability Insurance for U.S. Large Accounts

          When faced with a wide spectrum of risks that needs excess capacity coverage to help protect against future potential catastrophic loss, Chubb specializes in offering Lead Umbrella and Excess Liability Insurance tailored to the specific needs of Fortune 2000 companies and the privately-owned company equivalents.

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          Transactional Risk

          Whether you are the buyer or the seller, every transaction, merger or acquisition exposes you to both known and unknown risks. This suite of solutions helps you prevent and mitigate losses due to transactions.

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          Umbrella Liability Insurance for U.S. Midsized Accounts

          Chubb’s Umbrella & Excess Casualty insurance offers middle market companies commercial excess and umbrella liability coverages to protect you against a broad range of critical risk exposures such as catastrophic events and reputational risk.

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          We can help you protect against a wide range of damages or losses with comprehensive risk management solutions for the property insurance needs of any sized organization.

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          Commercial Package

          The package policy is the heart of a commercial insurance program. Chubb is the fourth largest writer of package policies in the United States, as ranked by A.M. Best.

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          Data breaches, electronic theft and vandalism, denial of service attacks and even copyright infringement make protecting sensitive data an issue for every organization. Chubb’s customizable solutions offer the insurance protection you need.

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          Emerging Risk Considerations in Global M&A Transactions

          Private equity dealmakers are faced with unique and growing financial exposures. Three such concerns inherent in M&A transactions are cybersecurity risks, transactional risks and multinational expansion risks. Learn more in our whitepaper about how the use of a specialized risk transfer mechanism is valuable for the transaction to proceed with greater clarity and confidence.

          Chubb M&A and Private Equity Practice delivers:

          • Experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of private equity firms, their portfolio companies and the risks associated with a global, changing M&A environment.
          • Underwriting, claims, and loss control specialists dedicated to the Private Equity industry segment.
          • "One team" approach to address your risks across the breadth of product lines we offer: primary casualty, foreign casualty, excess casualty, property and specialty, professional liability, management liability, environmental, surety, product recall, political risk and more.
          • Transactional Risk products which facilitate mergers and acquisitions and allow parties to efficiently allocate the risk inherent in transactions through Representations and Warranty Insurance and Tax Indemnity Insurance. We also have the ability to address existing casualty liabilities through Loss Portfolio Transfers (LPTs) and Close outs which can be done pre or post-closing.Global expertise and network to structure a superior post-transaction multinational insurance program.
          • Global expertise and network to structure a superior post-transaction multinational insurance program.