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          Welcome to Chubb Claims. Life is about to get easier.

          The insurance claims process can sometimes be, well, a process. At Chubb, it's different. That's because we're not just in the insurance business, we're in the people business. Our experienced claims specialists are relentless about every detail in the most personal way possible. Whether you have a business, homeowners or auto policy, it's our policy to make your life easier. 

          Chubb Leads Carriers in 2020 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey Results

          See why Chubb was recognized by brokers and risk managers as the number one carrier for claims handling in more than one category.

          • Kathy L.They did what they would do for their own family, and that made me feel special

          • Gerry G.Chubb came in and gave us a future

          • Gillian & Yuctan H. Chubb was here within hours of being called

          • Gretchen & Brian B.It was so comforting to know it was going to be okay

          • George & Betty R. It went as smooth as it could be, we couldn’t be happier

          • Randy B.Chubb made it so easy

          Flying cars. Crash landing. “Chubb was there within hours, they ensured we had the right resources and we were able to open the next day.”

          Need help?

          Please visit our FAQ page for answers to your most common questions.

          If you need support, please visit our Contact Chubb Claims page to contact a dedicated team ready to assist you with your claim.