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          Just because an event is catastrophic doesn't mean its effects have to be.

          Sometimes Mother Nature has a cruel way of reminding us who's in charge. Although we lack control over when and where a natural catastrophe may strike, we do have some control over its effects. If your property has already sustained damage from a storm, flood, wildfire or other natural disaster, report your claim immediately. Otherwise, this section can help you create a plan to protect your family, home or business before any damage is done.

          Hurricane & Windstorm

          While you can't prevent a hurricane or windstorm, you can protect your family, home, business and other valuables from damaging effects with a little planning—and the right partner.


          Depending on its cause and conditions, a wildfire can spread 15 miles or more in an hour. That's why taking a little time to put a plan in place is a crucial step in protecting the things that matter most to you.


          Tornadoes are so destructive because they can develop anywhere and form without warning. So when's the best time to plan for a tornado? Right now.


          Floods can happen in a flash or over time. However and wherever they develop, they have the ability to wreak havoc on your power supply, your property and your safety. Find out how to prepare and protect against this natural disaster.

          Winter Storm

          From snowstorms to whiteouts and blizzards, winter weather can have a crippling effect on our personal and professional lives. Be prepared for anything that comes your way with these tips.


          Earthquakes can shake up a lot more than just your nerves. Learn how to protect yourself, your family, your business and your property.