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St. Louis, MO

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June 2013

Chubb client since


$1 Billion damage per year

caused by hail to crops and property

Insurance agent

The Daniel & Henry Co.
1001 Highlands Plaza W500
St. Louis, MO 63110

George and Betty R. map

Down to each shingle, Chubb took a detail-oriented approach to extensive repairs on George and Betty’s property

Duration: 2:22

After a hailstorm swept across George and Betty’s property in St. Louis, they were relieved to see that nothing appeared damaged – until a few months later when shingles began falling off the roof. George and Betty called Chubb, who sent adjusters out to their property within a few days. The couple learned they would need to replace the roofing on not just their house, but also on every structure on their property, including their barn.

With George and Betty overwhelmed by the prospect of extensive repairs with multiple subcontractors, Chubb didn’t hesitate to pay for a general contractor to help them manage the entire process and keep their experience seamless. And through it all, Chubb focused on making sure the work was done right – down to insisting on matching the like and kind of the roof shingles.

What’s more, when repairs turned to the barn, Chubb had a plan for George and Betty’s horses too. Chubb offered to pay the stabling fees for all four of George and Betty’s horses while the roof was being replaced.

Our experience with Chubb has been like no other experience we’ve ever had.
George and Betty, St. Louis, MO
From high-rise condos to historic buildings, we’ve got your home covered.

Shortly after George and Betty completed a major renovation of their Florida condo, George noticed black mold behind their new washer and dryer system. The discovery turned out to be just a small sign of a major mold problem from a condensation line leak in the building.

Chubb immediately got to work to help them clear the mold and begin the process of restoring their condo. Knowing Betty and her daughter suffer from asthma, Chubb took extra precautions during the restoration process, from HEPA-vacuuming the unit to covering air-quality checks by a hospital-grade hygienist – all to ensure they could do what was right for the family.

And to ensure a seamless experience, Chubb worked directly with all involved parties, including the condo association, the insurance agent for the condo association, the contractor, and the designer. At every step, Chubb supported the family however they could, giving them peace of mind during a stressful time.

Chubb worked across state lines to manage mold remediation at George and Betty's Florida home

Duration: 1:48

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